The Link Between Oral Microbes and Systemic Health Issues


It’s not news that there is a significant link between one’s oral health and overall health. Oral health problems can cause more than just pain and suffering. Oral bacteria can lead to chronic systemic health issues sending people on a never ending quest for a new Doctor with a new diagnosis followed by a new treatment.


Numerous women’s health issues – chronic yeast infection, vaginosis, vulvodynia, urinary tract infections, miscarriage, pre-term birth and endometriosis also start after invasive bacteria relocate from the mouth. Many common chronic conditions―obesity, inflammation, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and cancer, among others―often have their origins in the mouth. The standard Culture based testing by Doctors are unable to identify these “UnCulturable” bacteria. Using the latest cutting edge DNA lab test, these disease causing bacteria can now be identified and dealt with effectively.

In an innovational new work, Dr. David Peterson presents a Functional Analysis of the 11 eleven invasive keystone pathogenic bacteria identified in the MicrobeLink DX PCR/DNA test. What chronic systemic health problems are the bacteria possibly causing in your body? What “Good For You” supplements are actually promoting their takeover of your gut microbiome?

Dr. Peterson has gathered emerging scientific research on the mouth’s vital role in the body’s microbiome―a key to whole body wellness. Challenging conventional healthcare wisdom that views the teeth as separate from the rest of the body, and conventional medical and alternative practices that often cause more harm than good.

Oral DNA/PCR Test Analysis delivers:

  • The latest research on the microbiome and the mouth
  • Critical information on the link between women’s health and the mouth
  • The important role of diet in oral health and hygiene
  • A clarion call for a new approach to identifying invasive keystone pathogenic bacteria

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2 reviews for The Link Between Oral Microbes and Systemic Health Issues

  1. Dr. Jim Weber

    This book or should I say manual is one of a kind. No one has put together multiple systems to say the least and to top it off right a 400+ page book on oral microbes! Who would have even thought of the connection? It’s absolutely amazing! In the first 50 pages he explains the connection of how the immune system gets infiltrated by oral microbes. Then delves into what parts of the immune system react or don’t react and why! Most important part is WHY!! As a doctor myself, reading this book opened so many doors, I am still trying to wrap my head around all the implications. It’ll be a while… In the mean time, buy this book and start changing your world and as many people as you can! Sincerely, Dr. Jim M. Weber

  2. Dana

    This was such a thorough book, like nothing I’ve ever seen in western or eastern medicine. There’s not one person in the world who puts in as much time and effort into understanding every organ of the body, then pairing this knowledge with the immune system (pathogens included). If you want to figure out what other factors could be contributing to chronic inflammatory responses and autoimmunity, this is an absolute must read. It will flip your preconceived notions upside down and give you a completely new view on why the body behaves the way it does, and how to help it heal. It’s long but very worth it. -D.H.

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