Symptoms of a Mold Problem: The Hidden Cause of Mold Symptoms and How to Get Healthy Again



In this timely book, Dr. David Peterson reveal striking evidence that a broad range of mold symptoms, from constant fatigue, brain fog, food sensitivities are caused by easily reversed conditions. Symptoms of a Mold Problem explores the science behind what makes them difficult to diagnose and treat, debunks widely held beliefs by doctors and patients alike, and provides solutions that empower sufferers to reclaim their lives.

Dr. Peterson was already a Functional Medicine physician specializing in complex, chronic autoimmune diseases when he became a patient himself. After experiencing incapacitation from his own mystery illness, he experienced firsthand the medical community’s ignorance about the Neuro-Endo-Immune Supersystem that underlie a deep spectrum of serious conditions—from fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, hormones, and gut health, to depression, anxiety, OCD and neurodegenerative disorders.

Adding insult to injury, Dr. Peterson realized a large part of his illness was self-inflicted by blindly following Professional Influencers without fact-checking them. In most cases, there is an adverse health consequence for their health recommendations to which blame is credited to the latest popular diagnosis. Dr. Peterson has worked with too many patients that have their health spiral out of control after multiple top doctors missed an underlying cause that caused debilitating physical and autoimmune symptoms. 

Experience from his own health issues has given Dr. Peterson a mission: to change the current model of focusing treatment on symptoms—often with dangerous, lifelong drugs or effectively-ineffective supplements and diets. Shifting the focus to finding and curing root causes of chronic illness confirmed with lab analysis and functional treatment.


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