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Be ready to provide details about your records, imaging, and test results so your Thrive Consultation specialist can review your information. This may require 2 working days for the information to be triaged.

  • Have a one-on-one educational consultation with our dedicated Thrive Consultation specialist who can discuss your second opinion and provide recommendations for care.


Our most popular program designed for patients dealing with chronic health issues.

This is not a forever-and-ever program. This is a get-your-health-restored program enabling you to let go of all past erroneous diagnosis and treatments.

Typical Improvements in Health are noticed with in 30 days. Enough to say this is different from other treatments. Enough that those close to you will recognize the improvements. The incremental improvements experienced are typically sustainable. Results may vary.

You fill out the following assessments and questionnaires sent by email. Filled out on your computer or tablet.

  • Registration form
  • Metabolic Assessment Form
  • Gastrointestinal Flora Assessment Form
  • Enteric Neurotransmitter Assessment Form
  • Intestinal Barrier Variables Assessment Form
  • Immune Status Assessment Form
  • Vasomotor Assessment Form
  • Dr. Peterson will use this to Triage your information and recommends which tests are best suited for you.

Consultations – 1 Virtual sessions including: ($500 Value x 1)

  • 1- Initial Consultation for your Health History and Triage of the Assessment and Questionnaire forms.
  • Personalized Supplement Plan ($1275 Value)

  • Saves you $1,000’s by avoiding effectively-ineffective supplements
  • Based upon methodical, detailed history and lab analysis, we will create a personalized supplement plan based upon your specific needs to restore your health.
  • This is not a forever, and ever program. This is a get-it-fixed program.

Messaging Access ($1275 Value)

  • Have direct message access to Dr. Peterson to ensure better compliance and follow through.
  • It is easier to answer a quick phone call or text and keep you on track than to delay communication and get derailed.


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