Function Over Diagnosis

Function takes precedence over a Diagnosis. The way the body works does not change to suit the current popular diagnosis. Neurology, physiology and anatomy in the human body do not change and cannot be ignored, separated, or changed to fit the latest popular meme. By understanding the normal neurology, physiology and anatomy, dysfunction can be recognized. By recognizing the dysfunction, you will understand the effect. Each rationalizes into a procedure that we hope will eliminate the cause of disease and alters the effect back to normal health.


A Diagnosis is not a permanent label to be tattooed on your forehead. Too many use a diagnosis as their calling card. Nevertheless, Diagnosis du jours are treated as if they are entities that enter the body seeking to do harm. 

diagnosis du jour treated as entities entering the body

If the diagnosis is in error. The treatment will be in error.

Dr. Dave

Diagnosis du jours have become incurable. If the Diagnosis is in error. The treatment is in error. Chasing Diagnosis du jours and effectively ineffective treatments makes it near impossible to recover. It is symptom suppression at best. 

Trying to be Symptom Free

A lack of symptoms due to symptom suppression is not healthy. Returning to normal daily activities and exercise without restriction is “Better”. Being able to diversify your diet without restriction is “Better”. Before you go all “I tested Positive for food antibodies ten years ago.” So did I. Gluten, beef, eggs and coffee would make me flop on the floor like a fish, when I was experiencing my Cytokine Storms.

Your immune system works to recognize and identify an infection or injury in the body. This causes an immune response, with the goal of restoring normal function. Many people think that they get sick, their symptoms are a sign that they have a virus or an infection. 

However, your symptoms are actually a sign that your body has triggered an immune response.  When you have a cold, you feel run down, your nose is runny, you feel congested—these are the symptoms people complain about. People think ‘I’m so sick, this is terrible. Why doesn’t my immune system work?’ But with every one of these cold symptoms, that is your immune system at work. A fever is your immune system heating up the body to kill the microbes.

Yet how do they treat the fever. By cooling it or suppressing it, which allows the strongest microbes to survive to live and pass on their more resilient genes to another generation of microbes. 

inflammation is an immune response

Non-Resolving Inflammation

Non-resolving inflammation is a major driver of disease. Perpetuation of inflammation is an inherent risk because inflammation can damage tissue and necrosis can provoke inflammation. Nonetheless, multiple mechanisms normally ensure resolution. Cells like macrophages switch phenotypes, secreted molecules like reactive oxygen intermediates switch impact from pro- to anti-inflammatory, and additional mediators of resolution arise, including Hormones, neurotransmitters, proteins, lipids, and gasotransmitters.

non-resolving inflammation


The five states of inflammAging are as follows:, low-grade, controlled, asymptomatic, chronic, and systemic. Chronic inflammation has many features of acute inflammation but is usually of low grade and persistent, resulting in responses that lead to tissue degeneration.  However, the inflammation during inflammAging is NOT in a controlled inflammatory state. The Immune Response in the process of InflammAging belongs to Non-Resolving Inflammation.

Boosting, Stimulating, Strengthening the Immune Response

Frequently, acute and chronic inflammation coexist over long periods, implying continual re-initiation. Examples are found in rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and cancers where cellular structures are infiltrated both by macrophages and immature myeloid cells.  

By altering the normal development of blood and immune responses, through the constant use of “protective” Immune stimulating / strengthening / boosting supplements accelerate aging and disease in many other parts of the body. Inflammation is recognized as an important overall driver of aging, and a strong linkage between the two has led to the term “InflammAging.” For example, if immune stimulating supplements are driving the creation of more immune cells, they may ultimately be responsible for the increase in inflammation, the aging of tissues and/or the production of autoaggressive immune responses throughout the body.

inflammaging non resolving inflammation

InflammAging creates the presupposition that the immune system needs boosting, strengthening, and stimulation. 

Which creates more Immunosenescence.

Which Creates more InflammAging. 

Which …


immunosenescence inflammaged non resolving inflammation immune resposne autoimmune

Senescence or biological aging is the gradual deterioration of functional characteristics and loss of a cell’s function. 

Immunosenescence is the gradual deterioration of the immune system brought on by long term boosting, stimulating, and/or strengthening of the immune system. 

A major role in immunosenescence is played by the environmental conditions. The main characteristic of immunosenescence is influenced by “immunobiography”, defined as the combination of type, dose, intensity, and temporal sequence of immune responses that each individual is exposed throughout life. Owing to its memory and adaptability, the immune system is capable of remembering all these immunological experiences. The immunological history of each individual is responsible for the capability to mount strong, weak, or no-response to specific antigens, thus determining the immunological responses in the individual.

The continuous wearing down of the immune response caused by clinical and subclinical infections, as well as the persistent exposure to Immune Boosting / Strengthening / Stimulating Supplements correlates with chronic activation of the immune system by causing a low-grade sterile inflammation resulting in immunosenescence of the Immune System.

Receiving a Diagnosis

If Dr. Dave gives a patient a diagnosis it is:

  • Life Threatening
  • License Stealing if it is missed.

A diagnosis ensures Doctors will get pain by the Insurers. Not restore your health.

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