MicrobeLink DX from a Patient with Breast Cancer. 

Patient has experienced sleep issues, hot flashes and chronic “yeast” infection/discharge, which her Alternative Doctor has recommended a variety of hormonal supplements. 

microbelink dx breast cancer
Breast Cancer Patient

Paw Paw Program was used for her B.C. five years ago. She sought multiple opinions from a variety of healthcare providers. Hormonal Supplements were recommended by her Alternative Doctor, even though the B.C. was estrogen-receptor positive. 

Somehow there continues to be a disconnect between “Hot Flashes” and “Estrogen-Receptor Positive” B.C. Why would this well meaning Alternative Doctor recommend Estrogen Supplements?

The Chronic Yeast Infection/Discharge stopped for a week or so during a round of Antibiotics. Coincidental??? Not when one makes the link between Oral Bacteria and women’s health issues such as Chronic Yeast Infection/Discharge, miscarriages, endometriosis, fibroids and much more. The link is there if one looks for it. 

Her Dentist reported she had no visible signs of infection or inflammation during her recent cleaning with the MicrobeLink DX samples were taken. And so the connection is never made. These were the worst test results I have seen in 15 years of using the MicrobeLink DX test.

She is going to flip when I recommend she get the proper antibiotics based upon the MicrobeLink DX results. The Patient wants a hormonal supplements recommendation from me. 

The Big Disconnect

Using the “The Link Between Oral Microbes and Systemic Health Issues” one can backward engineer the connection. Look at the lists of diseases and women’s health conditions caused by the oral Bacteria. Then ask how long have your been treating your “hormonal” problems or “yeast infections”. How much have you spent? What is the definition of insanity? Maybe it is time to take a different approach. 

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Unfortunately, even my colleagues and friends who I shared the information with during the process of writing the books remain disconnected. One of the told me today that he would address the oral microbes after clearing their patients “hormonal” issues. Really??? Are they having a different success with hormonal symptoms? Since they are calling me asking for advise on how to treat hormonal symptoms, I thinking their success sucks. 

How about taking care of the Oral Microbes first. Then see what is left to clear up. Happy people are much easier to work with.